How to Use this Prayer Guidebook

Pray before you read or use the prayer book:

A. If you are new or would like to be a believer and a follower of Christ, then -
(1) Pray out loudly first the Sinner’s Prayer for Acceptance
(2) Pray the Proclamation of my identity
(3) Pray the 10 Acts of Christ’s Love for Us
(4) Pray the Ultimate Prayer Topic - Love

B. If you are now a disciple of Christ and a Prayer Intercessor, you should -
(1) Pray the Prayer of the Blood of Jesus Christ - daily (day and night).
(2) Pray the Prayer of Proclamation “In the name of Jesus Christ” - daily (day and night).
(3) Pray the Prayer of Midnight’s Powerful Spiritual Battle - daily (day and night).

C. For who wants to be filled with the Holy Spirit, you should -
(1) Pray the Holy Spirit Welcoming, and
(2) Thanksgiving

D. Everyone needs to pray the Prayers for Purification,
Prayers of Repentance for Violations of The Ten Commandments, and
Prayers of Repentance for Daily Sins.
(Note: Spiritual battle may occur while you pray the Prayers for Purification.
May I advise you not to pray by yourself. You may need a spiritual mentor or a pastor or a
prayer leader. Demonic Spirits may manifest suddenly, that is why Satan hates this book.

(1) Repentance
(2) Healing of Wounds and Pain
(3) Prayer to Block Oaths
(4) Prayer to Block Curses
(5) Prayer to Block Demonic Union
(6) Prayer to Discover Generational Spiritual Roots
(7) God’s Sovereignty over My Generation
(8) Confession and Destruction of Chain of Sins
(9) Forgiveness for Those Who Have Damaged Me
(10) Prayer to Fight and Cast Out Satan
(11) Prayer for Total Cleansing
(12) Thanksgiving for Healing
(13) Prayer for Whole Armor of God

Pray persistently, daily, nighttime or early morning), don’t stop. There is Power in Prayers.
Prayers open Spiritual Gates (Holy Spirit or Evil Spirit). Be prepared. Trust the guidance of the
Holy Spirit. Pray in name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
God Bless You All !!!